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Nothing feels better than wrap-up in cosy blankets.

They are made of soft fabric and cover the entire body. You can also gift this comfy product to yourself and someone you love.

Several covers are available online, from comforters to quilts and mini covers up to duvets. You can shop for these products online from trusted brands such as PORTICO NEW YORK, IWS, Beta Divine, Trustfull, V Brown, etc.

You can buy soft blankets online from these leading brands. You can select winter, mild winter, heavy winter, or AC room options.

The right option can easily and quickly change the look of your bed and the room. These products are soft and have the finest quality of stitching to give you a comfortable and reliable sleep throughout the night.

Browse blankets for winter online and select the one that suits your needs. Check and compare prices online before making your purchase.

These products help in increasing the beauty of your bedroom and living room. These creative designs can win your heart and allow you to experience warmth even in cold weather.

Most linens require low maintenance and are easy to carry. Buy blankets online from the comfort of your home. Order these high-quality quilts for winter.

Blankets Question and Answers

What is the key purpose of blankets?

Blankets are made of soft fabric to cover almost the entire body except for the face. They trap the radiant body heat to keep you warm.

Which are the different types of blankets?

The wide range of blankets includes Thermal, Woollen, Fleece, Quilt, Mink, Coral, Duvet, Comforter, among numerous others.

What is the outer material of blankets made of?

You can find some made of satin, silk, cotton, woollen blend, bamboo, fur, microfibre, wool, and even bamboo cotton.

In how many sizes are blankets available?

You can find them in various sizes. Some of these include the King, Queen, Double, as well as Single sizes. You also have a Crib size exclusively for infants.

Which is the ideal weather to use blankets effectively?

Blankets are ideal for cold climatic conditions like strong or mild winter seasons. There are many individuals who are accustomed to sleeping only in air-conditioned rooms but require a blanket to keep them warm.

Is it possible to find printed and colourful blankets?

You can find them in a range of attractive colours and prints. Some brands provide you with embroidered and Kantha designs. You can find many with abstract, 3D, stripes, and paisley prints. There are exclusive varieties for children with famous cartoon characters, animals and other prints.

Which brands provide quality blankets.?

Raymond Home, Bombay Dyeing, AUBORON, Guru Kripa, and RIAN are some of the leading brands which provide quality blankets.

Which blankets are considered very warm?

Cotton fleece, Cashmere and Woollen blankets are considered to be some of the warmest varieties.

How often should you wash a blanket?

If you use it occasionally, you can wash it once every two or three months. If you use it regularly, you should wash it at least once at an interval of two weeks.